It is with joy and humility that we share the experience of our clients with you. We take this job so seriously.... so personally.... and we want the best for everyone. Reviews are spectacular. As a business owner, you get to check all the boxes when you receive one but for us, they make our day in a personal way. You see, as a team, we genuinely love our clients. We pray for them, we ask about things going on in their lives and we create friendships. We already know their day is going to be fantastic, we just do. But to hear their satisfaction gives us fulfillment in every way. These words are one reason we place such an emphasis on each client being the right fit! As when it is, these are the experiences we are comfortable promising. 

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best wedding planner in austin
Unlike any other industry awards out there, Best of B&B allows vendors themselves to choose the brightest stars (of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze varieties) from among their colleagues. As a result, these honors illuminate the cream of the wedding vendor crop. After all, what could be a more legitimate honor than a pedestal built by your peers ? Each vendor receives only one vote and cannot share or replicate the ballot - meaning 100% valid results that you can trust.