best wedding planner in austin

You're a Heavenly Day bride if:

  • Happy Hour. With queso. <Daily if no one would judge.>
  • I live in Anthro, Madewell… shoot, Gap and Old Navy, too!
  • Must love dogs. 
  • If I have to wear one more floral robe as a bridesmaid… <But yes, I’m totally making my girls wear floral robes.>
  • I’d rather Indiana Jones my way through a snake pit than DIY my way through a wedding.
  • I’m totally leaving the next wedding that makes me wait until 8pm to eat.
  • Vendor shopping? Just tell me who to hire and I’m so good. Can we get married now?
  • I’m fiercely proud of my dude. And he totally adores me.
  • I’d give you the shirt off my back. No but really, here you go. Take it. My needs are met, my heart is full and I want you to have it.


  • Obtain a fearless leader to navigate the chaos.
  • Trust fearless leader to narrow my field of options so I can cross it off the list and move on.
  • Have a freakin blast- parties, dress shopping… did someone say cake tasting?
  • Perk of the process? Make vendor friends along the way.


  • Guest comfort. Dinner at a normal hour please.
  • Family and wedding party are guests, not worker bees. Though, they are kind souls and will do anything and everything if asked. But I’m not asking.
  • Full tummy, happy heart, tired feet!
  • 80s rock anthems and memory makin’.
  • Fancy free. 
  • The cake may fall and my dress may rip but I’ll have my guy and it will be the #bestdayever.