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You're a Heavenly Day bride if:

  • You'd rather Indiana Jones your way through a snake pit than DIY your way through a wedding.
  • You value guest comfort. Dinner at a normal hour, please. Happy heart, fully tummy and tired feet! 
  • You're so over all the cookie cutter, love a good statement piece and want to get creative in order to make things personal and unique to you...  and, okay, your fiance too. 
  • Rain or shine, all the matters is saying "I do" and nothing will rob your joy. Shed a tear, you may. But moving on and up, you will. 
  • You are way low key in spirit but you're organized, timely and ready to follow a process in order to get this right.
  • You're fiercely proud of your dude. And he totally adores you.
  • You're gracious and kind to all those you encounter. So is your family. 


  • Obtain a fearless leader to navigate the chaos. No sugar coating or BS along the way.
  • Trust fearless leader to narrow your field of options so you can cross it off the list and move on.
  • Have a freakin blast- parties, dress shopping… did someone say cake tasting?
  • Perk of the process? Make vendor friends along the way.


  • Stress free.
  • No family or friend worker bees.