• Access to Planner via phone or email throughout the planning within business hours

  • Client completes Style Profile Questionnaire in which the Planner learns more about the client in order to best suit their needs with design and vendors

  • Creation of custom planning schedule –Planner Version and Client Version, with accountability and check points

  • Assists in narrowing down venue options and attends one full day of venue visits

  • Planner recommends 2-3 vendors, in each category, that accommodate the Style Profile

  • Set and attend appointments with the top pick vendor in strategic categories

  • Contract review and negotiation

  • Guidance and hands on assistance with personal touches, budget, detail tracking and more

  • Involved in vendor communication throughout planning – following up, tracking details, holding accountable etc., within normal industry practices

  • Venue Walk Through to finalize layout, timeline and rain plan- all key vendors required to attend and considered their final meeting

  • Rehearsal

  • Up to three Event Managers for up to 10 hours on wedding day, arriving a minimum of 4 hours prior to the ceremony and departing 1 hour after the bride and groom exit; additional staff and hours available as needed.

OUR FULL SERVICE PLANNING BEGINS AT $6,500.                     

Pricing is based on complexities such as head count, venue logistics, decor installations, location, number of vendors to manage, etc