::10 Ways to Manage Wedding Day Anxiety::

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow introvert.

The struggle is real. I know.

I’m actually an introvert with extrovert qualities. And it is exhausting. People expect one thing but I’m perfectly happy living as a hermit under a blanket on my couch watching Hallmark movies and eating nothing but Lucky Charms forever until the end of time.

When I was engaged, I was super terrified of being the center of attention on our wedding day. I really wanted to elope and have an intimate gathering but there is nothing intimate about the size of our families and our dads are so networked that it just wasn’t possible. So 300 people is what we invited and a shot a tequila is what got me down the aisle.

Guys, I’m not a shot taker. Those are reserved for a rare occasion and my wedding was not on the shortlist. But it happened and it was just what I needed to take the edge off before those double doors opened.

But I know I’m not alone in my trepidation to have all eyes on me as the bride walking down the aisle. The last thing I wanted to be worrying about is if my hair was just right or if I had something in my teeth. I just wanted to set eyes on my groom and walk in without heart palpitations. My main goal was to not fall. But don’t worry, I saved that for our first dance. Just call me grace. Knowing I’m not alone in my wedding day anxiety, I want to share my favorite tips for staying calm and handling all of the attention.

10 Ways to Manage Wedding Day Anxiety

1.       Yoga in the morning! There are plenty of instructors that will come to your venue and lead you and your wedding party in a calm routine to get the day started peacefully.

2.       Do bridal portraits ahead of time as a trial run so you can tweak anything that doesn’t feel right.

3.       Host a welcome party. In addition to the rehearsal dinner, end the evening by inviting out of town guests for a night cap. It allows you to go ahead and say hi to some people, relieving some of the wedding nerves and pressure.

4.       Pray with your wedding party prior to walking down the aisle. Set aside five minutes to just be in the moment with them. Or with your parents.

5.       Drink a glass of champagne. A little classier than my shot of tequila. But I didn’t like bubbles at the time. All the more to judge, I know. OR, wear Hayley Page and drink a beer. This is my girl. 

6.       Eat throughout the day and stay hydrated. Jitters can cause you to forget but it’s a nasty cycle because a lack of calories only makes it worse.

7.       Do a first look. Not only does this allow you more time with your groom, it can have a major calming effect.

Photo by  Andrew Chan

Photo by Andrew Chan

8.       Listen to music that takes you to your happy place.

9.       Hire a wedding planner to be your buffer.

10.      Buy a dress that is YOU. Don’t worry about “wow”ing your groom. Being yourself means you will be comfortable and when you are comfortable, you radiate and THAT is what will “wow” your groom.

Even in being that one that secretly wanted to elope, I can tell you I’m so glad I didn’t. There will never be another time in my life that so many of my favorite people are in one room. Except maybe my funeral and I don’t know about you but I don’t really plan on “being there” for that event. There is beauty in elopement and I would never discourage it. Weddings are not for the faint at heart but I do want to encourage you that if this “behind the scenes” gal can do it, you can too.

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Managing wedding day anxiety by Austin Wedding Planner, Heavenly Day Events. 

Managing wedding day anxiety by Austin Wedding Planner, Heavenly Day Events.