::The ONE Reason You Need to Have Wedding Videography::

You came here for one bullet point so I’m going to keep this pretty simple.

There is one reason why you should make wedding videography a priority in your wedding budget:

It may save your marriage.

There will come a time in your marriage when you aren’t sure you made the right decision. It’s not an “if”, it’s truly a “when.” For some, that will be a fleeting thought out of anger or hurt but for others, it will be a season of doubt.

I’m often asked my opinion about doing video and I have to remind couples that it’s all relative. I don’t have the answer on how many times you may or may not watch it. Some really may watch it all the time and others, rarely, if only ever once. Will you have a little girl that will play dress up in mommy’s gown while watching daddy kiss mommy on video? I just really don’t know.

But I do know that the dark season of marriage is going to come and apart from a strong foundation of tools and resources to combat it, a video of your wedding day is the best gift you can give yourself. Yes, you’ll have your photos. And those will have an impact but they aren't the same. I don’t have video from our wedding and I have in fact flipped through our wedding album as a means of helping me remember the “why.” It brought me to tears and softened me enough to pray for my marriage in a way I hadn’t had the desire to do in a while.

But if only I had the sweet gift of video, I can only imagine how much more powerful and effective this moment could have been. How much faster could we have gotten out of our funk? I could have shown it to my then two year old that was living in our tension and he could have seen a happy momma, loving on his dad. You may think that would be lost on a toddler but you couldn’t be more wrong. If nothing else, he would have started asking questions and to answer them honestly, I would have had to find love for his father in my heart. 

I think video is particularly moving for those that elect to do interviews. I love how Mason Jar Films and Photohouse Films incorporate love stories into their wedding videos, depending on level of service selected. Their work of art is far more than simply documenting the day. They spend time with you and ask questions about how you met, why you love each other and what you love about each other. They talk to your loved ones on the wedding day and they loop it all together with your ceremony and reception. The end result is an undeniable force.  

Videos and photos are not a magic cure all. Marriage takes work and while a band aid can heal a wound well enough to make it manageable, you’ll still have to rely on more than a memory. I just can’t tell you how valuable that band aid can be when you’re talking about ‘forever’, when children are involved, when promises were made and when lives are shared.

Money is important. Sticking to a budget is responsible and I would never do anything to talk a couple into going over budget… except for having designated drivers when providing alcohol… I’ll push that button all day long, but because I’m asked about video all of the time, I figured it was time to turn my two cents into a blog. So there you have it. I believe that wedding videography can have a lasting impact on the health of a marriage. Even if only viewed that ONE time during a nasty divorce talk, ten years into the whole thing. Isn’t that one time worth every penny now?

At a minimum, I really encourage finding a way to record your wedding ceremony. This may be a family camcorder (is that even a word anymore?) or a DJ recording an MP3 (again, even still a thing?).

For examples of love stories done well, hop over to our video gallery. Here is a recent one that I just love. If I teared up when watching it, can you fathom the impact it would have on you?