::The Healthy Bride::

Its summer, you’re all up in your bridal bootcamp … and well, I’m three months post-partum and have some work to do too. So let’s talk about HEALTH. I’m not talking the ‘let’s be skinny b*tch’ stuff. That’s cockamamie. Imma talkin’ the ‘eat clean, exercise and love yourself … all shapes and sizes’ kinda stuff. You will be gorgeous in your wedding dress if you exude confidence. And…. I just made two freakin’ humans! So I’ll give myself some grace… but I do need to clean up my eating habits.

With an exercise science degree, I get excited talking about this stuff. In a perfect world, I would only shop at Whole Foods and eat strictly non-GMO and organic. I’m already gluten free which cuts out a lot of processed foods. But it’s not a perfect world and I really love Fruity Pebbles. So I do what I can without stripping all the joy out of food.

Being healthy is twofold, right? Food and exercise.

On the food front, like I said, don’t rob yourself of enjoying life but find some yummies that can replace that morning bagel! Start here for healthy snacks and here with high protein snacks - some great ideas and inspiration. Carbs = crash and protein = endurance! Some of my favorite snacks are a good ole classic handful of cashews, granola with yogurt, hummus, and apples with peanut butter. I also really love adding chia seeds and ground flax seed to things. Super foods full of protein- and you can’t taste it!

That’s great and all but here is how I make healthy eating practical:

-My Fitness Pal

I plug in my goals, track what I eat and the app computes whether I’ve had enough fats, too much sugar, enough Vitamin C, etc. It’s awesome! Allows me to adjust my eating throughout the day for the proper balance in food groups.

-At Work

When colleagues want to go to lunch, great… I join ‘em! And maybe that’s a splurge day but maybe I just order wisely. When I worked corporate America, I packed my lunch every day. Sometimes, I would eat it at my desk while working and then join my work buddies for an off campus lunch anyway. Who says you can’t go sip water? Getting away from your desk is also healthy, but not if you’re pounding Mickey D’s.

-The pantry

I don’t buy the foods that create temptation. It’s easy to have those Fruity Pebbles in the pantry and saaaaaay I’ll eat in moderation but at the end of the week, I usually find that’s all I’ve had for breakfast. I save Fruity Pebbles for a treat week or holiday weekend. Otherwise, you won’t find them in my pantry.

healthy bride_bridal bootcamp_Austin wedding planner

 More than just food, being healthy is about having an active lifestyle. I may or may not make it to the gym 4-5 times a week…. or even once with two littles but being on the go is a non-negotiable to me.

Here are my practical tips for being active:

-The FitBit

Get a FitBit, you’ll be amazed at how creative you get to track a few extra steps. I take more walks, I’m intentional about moving around throughout my day, I park in the back for the parking lot and so on.

-Lunch Break

Throw on some sneakers and walk the stairs. Grab a workout video on Netflix or try some free yoga on You Tube. Don’t worry about a little sweat, baby wipes and a little perfume will do the trick.

-Think Outside the Box

 Not into the gym or traditional work outs? No problem! In my mid-twenties, I played Ultimate Frisbee twice a week for 2-3 hours at a time. I left totally drenched. It was enough to counteract plenty of calories for the week. Not only was it FUN…. but guess what? That’s how I met my husband. Nothing like meeting your person when you’re soaked and smelly! But hey, see me at my worst, love me the best.

-Gym and Trainers

Then of course, there are always the gyms, personal trainers and even apps like Sworkit, that create customize work outs just for you! My recent Shark Tank find. The endorphins of a baller gym work out or the push by a trainer is something else! Not much compares. Showing yourself you can push past your barriers and kick booty is so empowering. That’s how you excel with excitement towards health.

Who knows, maybe you decide to train for a marathon, tri or even the MS 150 and use your health as a way to give back! Whatever you do… give yourself some grace. It’s a journey, it’s a lifestyle and there is totally room for brownies along the way.