::REAL WEDDING - Laura + Garth::

Laura + Garth had 2016 off to a great start. They chose to marry at Ma Maison, one of Dripping Springs' premiere wedding venues, and things could not have gone better. Amber was scheduled to assist Laura + Garth for their wedding but a few days before the event, her doctors detected a pregnancy complication and decided to take her baby pretty early. Amber quickly called Garth and he couldn't have been more kind. We felt like his true character was on display in a moment that could otherwise cause panic. We are so grateful that they trusted our team and our Plan B. Take a look at their review for their perspective on the day!

"Heavenly Day Events is wonderful! Our wedding was amazing and I have no doubt that the people to thank for that are the coordinators that were involved in our day! I am sure there were issues behind the scenes but what is amazing is that the bride and groom were not aware of these issues. I have no doubt that these ladies can take on any problem and find a solution with a smile of their faces! During our engagement we worked with 3 different coordinators for varying reasons that were completely understandable; at no point was I concerned for the quality of service I would be given because they are all incredible women who are very organized and detail oriented. Amber, Sierra, and Hailey worked very hard for my husband and I, and it was very much appreciated! Hailey on the day of our wedding wasn't fazed by anything, or she has a great poker face because she just kept smiling no matter what was happening which helped keep my calm. I think one of the best complements that can be given to these ladies is that one of our wedding guests approached my father and told him that our wedding was possibly the best run wedding they had been to and asked how we had done it … my father pointed at Hailey standing in the corner with her clipboard and said it was because of the coordinators! Guests weren't aware of their presence but they were exactly where they needed to be to help the wedding go as planned! I wish I could hug each one of them and thank them for bringing all of our planning to life and making everything run smoothly!"

We were also honored to have this wedding published on Borrowed & Blue.

Thank you, Kristi Wright for sharing these images with us!