::Real Wedding- Grace + Ryan::


Allan House

Grace and Ryan were such a delight to work with. They were so relaxed and decisive that the process was smooth. They had the perfect amount of DIY elements as well. I usually discourage DIY because, over the years, I have found that it overwhelms couples more than they find it to be worth. However, Grace had the skill set to manage this and did a lovely job. She was also realistic in her creations and kept the entire wedding very minimalist. Which honestly, in my opinion, creates the most timeless impact.

Another element that I adored about Grace and Ryan's wedding is that they only had one attendant each. This made for such a calm rehearsal and wedding day. They still have a few other friends present here or there but standing by their side was one person each. This can be hard to do for some people but for those that can manage it, there really is a difference in stress for those that have smaller wedding parties.