::Austin as a Destination Wedding Location::

Austin is a major destination wedding location. In fact, most of our clients are coming from other cities and even other states. I sometimes giggle a bit when a client says 'I really need (fill in the blank), we are coming from out of town." Line up sister, this is what we do! We take care of out of town brides daily and love it!

Here are the best ways to be at ease for your destination wedding in Austin, Texas.

1. Trust your wedding day event manager or planner. Know that they do this regularly and have your best interest in mind. Your travel schedule may not allow you to do a final walk through... bummer.... but that's okay! That's why you have us. We will communicate with catering and the venue to secure everything. Chances are, whatever challenge you are facing, we handle often and know exactly what to do.

2. Don't take transportation and hotel blocks for granted! Austin is the land of never ending fun. Which means our limos and hotels are in high demand. Hop over to Hotels for Hope and get your hotel blocks secured. Next, talk to our friends at Transportation Consultants about any charter needs.

3. Be diligent about Save the Dates and invitations. because people are traveling, I recommend sending your save the dates no less than six months prior to the wedding. Additionally, your invites need to be sent 8-10 weeks in advance with a response deadline of 4 weeks prior to the wedding. This allows you plenty of time to wrangle the stragglers.

4. Take into consideration guest comforts that may be environmental in nature. If your guests are coming from northern states, they may melt in a Texas summer. You'll want drink stations, fans and indoor options for them. Long, outdoor cocktail hours are not suitable for them.

5. And last but not least, have a plan for any items you are bringing. If you are providing vases for your florist, do you know how far in advance she will need them? Will you ship them or arrive a few days early to deliver? If you are providing family made desserts, who will handle those? Most vendors will not store items or transport them on wedding weekends. It is typically the client's responsibility to provide items at the time of use so be sure to have those conversations up front.

I think destination weddings make the best and most intimate affairs. I highly encourage them and know you will love everything about your special day. I hope these tips alleviate some stress through the planning process.