::10 Things Vendors Want Clients to Know::

  1. Vendors are interviewing clients as much as clients are interviewing vendors. The truth is, we have been doing this for a really long time and can tell pretty quickly if someone is going to be the right fit of not. We don’t want to force things or land in relationships that don’t make sense anymore than you do. The main red flags: too many questions (sign of distrust), delayed / taking a while to make a decision, redlining the contract, dictating the process or terms, having too many people involved, trying to get a lot of free advice before booking, asking for discounts, etc.

  2. Affordable and Budget have so many different meanings. Everyone is on a budget. So that has to be defined. For one person, it’s 6 figures and beyond. For another, it’s $10k. Being honest about your budget doesn’t mean you’ll be taken advantage of— it just means we can be honest with you about our services and what is realistic.

  3. Pinterest is deceiving. What looks simple may cost far more than you think. You have to also keep in mind that many images are of styled shoots that are unfortunately, not very realistic. Styled shoots are given far more hours to set up and are done on a smaller scale, in a far more peaceful environment.

  4. Discounts put you on the back burner. By default, those that pay full price are given the first levels of energy and attention.

  5. Guest only have 4-6 hours in them. Really and truly. They fade out after a while, especially when having to drive or be shuttled an hour to a venue. It’s a long day! So unless your guests are from Mexico or a country / culture that expects an all night party, know their limits.

  6. The best way to control cost is to control the guest list. Most categories just cost what they cost no matter the headcount- photography for example. So the only real way to control cost is within catering or florals and rentals, pending the number of tables you need to decorate.

  7. Let the DJ or Band pick the music if you want people to dance. Your guests may love your eccentric taste in music but not when it comes to dancing. Give your DJ or band a set of parameters (no country, all top 40, no cussing, etc) and let them gauge the crowd like the professionals they are!

  8. Your attitude and head space determine the outcome. You are responsible for your own happiness. Tou can let the rain ruin your day or you can grieve, move forward and still have the best day. You also catch more flies with honey- so they way you treat your vendors, family and friends through the process will have an impact on the results of your wedding.

  9. Hiring Friendors is risky. For starters, they don’t know what they are doing. Weddings have so so sooo many behind the scenes layers and complexities to consider that just because your friend takes good pictures or can arrange pretty flowers doesn’t mean they can hang with the requirements of your day. Also, I can’t even tell you how many people lose friendships via this process. It’s not worth it.

  10. There is no such thing as “day of coordination”. I don’t even know why I should have to explain this one but the big box blogs won’t stop using a term that for 3 years the vendors (in all categories) have been fighting to eradicate. DOC puts you at risk, it puts vendors at risk and it’s a nightmare of constant troubleshooting. Also, creating a timeline and selecting your vendors on your own before hiring a coordination team actually creates more work for everyone (even you) than if you had just hired a proper service from the start. Asking for a discount for having done that work is an automatic no from me because really, I should be charging extra for the added time it will take me to comb through it all.

Ultimately, vendors want you to know they have your best interest in mind and really do care about you. That’s why making sure we are a good fit is so important. This is what it looks like when a client and a vendor are a good fit, when they trust each and support each other. Not everything was perfect for sweet Madeline, it’s not for any wedding. But look how happy and resolved she is to enjoy her day! She chose to be positive about the things beyond her control, to look to her vendors to their expertise and to lean into her family and loved ones!

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