::Is that wedding vendor right for you?::

Vendors are like family! They are responsible for the success of the most special day of your life and with that comes a foot inside the door of your personal realm. Right? With that in mind, what factors are you using to determine how you hire them?



-Integrity and reliability?


-Cool factor?

I hope that it’s somewhat of a combo but please, pretty please, don’t let it be cost alone. I was SO very proud of one of my full service clients today. She had two quotes, one from Baker A and one from Baker B. Baker A was charging more than Baker B but she connected better with Baker A and decided to go that route. She felt loyal to the baker. Not obligated…. loyal. And with that, she is really excited about her cake and supporting Baker A’s small business endeavors and dreams.

One thing to keep in mind is that just as you are interviewing vendors, they are vetting you as well. This may be a saturated market with hundreds of photographers but don’t forget that Austin is one of the top destination locations in the country. There are plenty of couples for vendors to choose from as well. And trust me, we don’t want to work with every couple that applies. We truly look at it this way…. a couple is a applying for the honor of our service.

Where am I going with that?

We want to be the right fit for you! Does your vendor produce a message that is clear to you? That provides a picture of who they are both on and off the clock? Do you relate and connect to what you see? Do they reflect your values and style? Would you invite them to happy hour?

Why is this so important?

When we are the right fit for you, its fun! You love it, we love it… all is good. When we aren’t the right fit, there is a breakdown in communication, trust doesn’t exist, things get confusing and are ultimately frustrating.

How do I know this?

Because back in the day as a start up, I had to pay the bills. That meant I accepted any client ‘that applied’ as a means to keep food on the table. I resented so many of my clients during that season. They weren’t my ideal client and they didn’t understand or respect our process. They took things into their own hands and it was all just so frustrating. So I assume they were at home resenting me too. That’s usually a mutual feeling in an unhealthy relationship.

No really, Amber… where are you going with this?

And now that I don’t have to accept anyone that wants to book, I can be selective and as a result- it.is.so.much.fun! I don’t feel like its work. As a result, I work so much harder for my clients. I WANT to. It’s not just a means to an end. It’s a passion in action. I love my couples and enjoy time with them. I used to be pretty iron fisted about no weekend or evening appointments and while I’m still pretty set on that (pardon me for wanting to enjoy my family after work, I know… weird, right?) I’m much more flexible about it these days. My point is that when you love your vendor and they love you… things will go so much better on your wedding day. Planning will be so much less stressful, you’ll enjoy the process and because you’ll have proper / smooth communication, you likely make fewer planning mistakes which means less (to none) troubleshooting on your wedding day.

So know that not every vendor is for you and you are not for every vendor and that’s okay. If you connect with their message and feel good about it then that’s the time to jump in! Happy vendor finding my friends.