::How a Planner Can Help You::

Hoorah! You are getting married. He asked, you said yes. Now what?! So much to do on this journey, I tell you. I know there is a load of elation but I also know that elation can quickly turn into a sense of being overwhelmed.

That’s okay! You have us.

Here are some major questions we can help answer for you:

How do I organize my wedding?
We guide you through getting started, when to do things and what demands your attention now vs. later in the process.

Where do I have my wedding?
Venues, catering and bands will eat the majority of your budget. There are a lot of factors that go into these decisions. We have ideas that enable you to greatly (if not totally) offset our cost if coming to us prior to hiring in any one of these three categories.

How do I budget and pay for my wedding?
This is a question that is unique to everyone, right? It is incredibly rare for a client to have an open ended budget. Our clients are normal, everyday, hardworking folks that all have budgets. One may feel like a few thousand is very tight while another feels that $50+k is too tight. When we hear “I’m on a tight budget”, we toss it out the window (actually, we giggle and think to ourselves “you and everyone else”) and ask for a conversation. With our guidance, we can find the right vendor fits for you, not based on what the big websites say they should be, but based on lengthy conversation and understanding of your style and budget. While our clients have an average budget of $40-$80k, we have brides that afford our services with bugdets as low as $20k.
How do I save money on my wedding?
To start, we want to bust the myth that as a planner, our job is to ask for discounts on your behalf. We don’t go to the doctor and ask for a discount so we would never devalue our vendors by asking for one (We have a whole blog on why that can end up hurting you). BUT it’s not uncommon for a vendor to willingly offer one for the right client. The biggest way we can save you money is by introducing you to fab vendors you wouldn’t have known about but better suite your budget than the ones you are currently considering. And of course, we have a million other tricks up our sleeves that come out as we develop ideas with you. The earlier in the process a client books us, the more money we are able to save them.

How do I pick the right vendors for my wedding? 
We put a lot into getting to know you so we can be the best matchmakers possible with your vendors. Ideally, you book vendors that we recommend so they are tried and true. However, you are welcome to book anyone you like. We will give you feedback so you can make the best choices for you and your special day.

And it doesn’t stop there. We will help answer all the questions you don't even know to ask! What about these logistical questions?

  • Do you have a clear interpretation of venue contracts to avoid added fees or losing damage deposits- like, who is removing the trash at the end of the night and how?
  • If you try to save money on providing your own vases to the florist, did you consider that you’ll have to come into town a few days early so she has them in time to prep things?
  • Did you know that assigned tables can save you money?
  • What time does the hair and makeup start and does that give enough time for the photographer?
  • What time will your outdoor ceremony start?
  • How will your wedding party get to and from things?
  • How do you plan to talk to all of your guests?
  • Did you consider the power outlets when creating a layout? Is the DJ by a power source?
  • When will the vendors eat in your timeline?
  • Does your timeline consider appropriate transition times? Do you know how long it takes to transition from element to element throughout your day and did you consider that your headcount impacts the timing?

We know your time is valuable, that work demands a lot and that planning a wedding is a second full time job for you. It’s a lot of fun but there is so much to consider. With our background and experience, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we have it covered!