::Wedding Guest Comfort::

There are two reasons we have weddings. 1. To make our relationships official under the eyes of God and state. 2. To celebrate with our friends. Though, we see more and more that the day is all about the bride. Which honestly, makes me a little sad and a lot frustrated, mainly because it tends to backfire on brides, making them sad and even more frustrated. I never want that to happen! But also, what about the groom and the families? They have waited with anticipation for this day as well. And what about the guests that spend money to travel, purchase gifts, often buying a dress and blocking off a good portion of the day to get ready?

I want to share my experience with this and how it 100% affects the flow of a wedding day.

With Self-Centric Brides, I see:

-Tension in relationships

-Logistical issues

-Grumpy guests that leave

With Selfless Brides, I see:

-Smooth and seamless

-Lower Stress / Happier Brides

-Party Hardy Guests

Wedding Dance Party

Helpful tips for considering guests needs:

-Have an inclement weather plan and be emotionally prepared to use it.

-Trust your coordinator/planners suggestions for the timeline. And follow her lead on the wedding day. We have done this a time or two. ;)

-Feed ‘em fast and well. And please, for the love, no cash bars.

-If providing transportation consider an early departure shuttle that can take guests back that are catching red eye flights, are elderly, pregnant or have small children and babysitters to relieve.

-Don’t party too long. Remember, guests have about 5 hours in them! After parties are great for the late nighters.

-Seating assignments often help guests feel like they have a home and know where to go. It saves you money too!

I hope this resonates with you! This day is special that have waited for your whole life and some of you have even pictured it your whole life. It’s okay to want it to be a certain perfect way. Just be mindful that others are involved and including their wishes and considering their comforts will ultimately make things better for you in the long run.

Much love,

Amber and Team