:: Rain Plans::

I know…. I just triggered emotion and tears but we need to talk.

Your wedding day is SO important to me- it’s my industry, my baby, my passion…. I mean…. your checks keep food on my table so I take it seriously. And I get it, rain plans evoke this irrefutable emotion that is raw and real and leaves you yelling at the skies with a “why me” attitude. You envision a light breeze, blue skies and you just know those little birds from Cinderella are going to be singing. You’ve waited all this time to be the star of that ball and you’ll be darned if you lose the glass slipper. Rain plans take away from your picture perfect day but in all reality, they make the show go on when it otherwise couldn’t.

There are a lot of things to consider: staff capacity, costs, damage liabilities and even guest comforts. Guest comfort equating to bridal happiness is a whole blog in and of itself but today we are talking about the issue of rain. So here are four things my heart knows you need to know.

  1. If you book a venue that does not have a Plan B for an inside ceremony and reception (like for real… be realistic… not the sardine package) you MUST factor a tent into your budget. Period. We are not in a drought anymore, this is Texas- land of the bi-polar weather man and this is not a drill.

Your other option is to secure cancellation insurance, but that has to be purchased at the beginning. And we both know you don’t plan to cancel your wedding.

Tips on tent timing:

-Consider festivals taking place around your wedding date. Don’t play chicken with SXSW, XGames, ACL or Formula One. You are small fish to a tent company during festivals no matter how fast you can bat those bridal falsies. Book early if you are getting married during a big festival.

-Low event seasons are more flexible. BUT tent inventory is like a game of Battleship. A total crap shoot at first but for the wise, strategy can help. Don’t wait till the day before. They’ll be like Lilly at Target… GONE.               

  1. Okay, you’re on board for a tent. Awesome. Here is the part that makes a Chinese torture chamber feel like a trip to Six Flags- depending on your venue and your staffing, you have to be willing to call your rain plan a couple days prior to your wedding. Ladies, there is SO much that goes on with 1. final vendor reconciliation and 2. the set up of a wedding that you will NEVER know about and if you did, I promise you would spazz...  or be willing to pay me a lot more! You literally will never know the value you had in a planner… even if you think you do. You just won’t. So when we provide expert guidance, you need to listen.

  2. Apart from comfort, there is safety and damage liability cost to consider. Not to mention overtime hours and added fees charged by vendors. Now, of course, ripping down a wedding in during a tornado this last May is obviously a rare occurrence for Austin, but storms and lightening are no stranger to the Hill Country. Sure, the drought has us puffing our chests with invincibility but news flash {flood}, the drought is long gone. Lightening and tents… lightening and sound equipment/running cables… lightening and humans. It doesn’t take Bill Nye to know those are bad combinations in the petri dish of nature. And God bless you for inviting women to sit in a muddy field with their $200 stilettos- their anger may equate to the 75 mph winds associated with a tornado. Keeping you safe, the guests safe and the vendors safe is crazy important. And being responsible for 150+ people is a surreal role for me to bear so please respect the weight that puts on me, especially while doing that and picturing my baby boy at home.

  3. You are getting married and that is all that matters. Are you so SO tired of hearing that? I’ll say it again, you are getting married and that is ALL that matters. Our culture has embraced this awesome way to celebrate the covenant you are making and we absolutely wish for a day made for William and Kate but man, Father of the Bride turned out pretty freakin’ awesome, too! 

So ladies, that is my heart.

Here is the system we are immediately putting into effect so you can experience the awesome level of service you read about every day in our reviews.

  1. When you inquire, we will talk about your venue, its rain plan, your willingness to adopt a rain plan and we will then determine if we are the right fit for you.

  2. In our walkthrough, we will fine tune said options and make sure everyone is on the same page no matter the weather report.

  3. Ten or so days prior to the wedding day, we will have a weather touch point and discuss the level of risk. We will ask the venue if other weddings are taking place that weekend and contact those coordinators to discuss a tent share, saving money for everyone.

  4. Monday prior to the wedding, we will discuss in further detail about enacting the rain plan if at that point we show more than 50% chance of rain.

  5. By Wednesday, if there is 30% or more chance of rain, we will call the rain plan and prepare staff and tenting.

  6. On the wedding day or prior to set up, if the rain appears to have given us a break, we will set up our plan A.

Love you girls- your day is going to be awesome!