::Let's Get Real with Amber::

Can I tell you what the sweet taste of freedom is like? It's like a zit on your forehead, frizzy hair, and nothing that fits kinda day..... and not caring. It's awesome. And I'm feelin' it.

For the last five years, I have worked m'buns off creating a business based on the rules. I'm a good girl but I really hate rules and I'm just tired ya'll. So no more looking to my left or to my right to worry what other companies are doing. I'm going to be me. I'm going to focus on the aspects of wedding planning and business management that bring me joy. After all, what is success without enjoying it? We've been so blessed to double our business every year and I can't wait to see what God has in store as we continue this adventure.

But I'm ready to hit the reset button. I'm about to get all up on you by infusing ME into the company. It will change a lot about what we are doing but I.can't.wait! You'll still see professionalism and more business than personal but it's time to show you the team I'm proud to have. I have an office full of awesome women with heart, grit, passion... and real lives of their own. I want you to know us.

So I'll start with some things you should know about me:

1. I LOVE Jesus. With all of my heart I do. I haven’t shown too much of that on the business front but our company is called Heavenly Day for a reason. The covenant of marriage is so important to me and finding this article before I got married made me yearn to marry my love before God.

2. My husband and my kiddo are the coolest thing on the planet. They energize me. I am my best because of them. I think I’m awesome… and have superhuman strengths…. but I can’t do it all and I crave sweet time of recharging with my family.

3. I still secretly obsess over boy bands of the 90s and can’t help but to have a girl crush on Britney Spears.

4. If life gave me a do over, I would be Ree Drumond- The Pioneer Woman. She lives on a ranch, can cook, takes great photos, her family is her everything and she has 3 dogs! I collect strays. My husband has the no kill shelter on speed dial.

5. I have an exercise science degree and am a bit of a hippie with my everyday use of essential oils and support of the non-GMO movement. I’m also gluten free…. but not by choice. One has to be certifiably insane to live life without Cinnabons and cookie cake (so I cheat and have GMOs sometimes, sue me).  

6. I’ve recently graduated from the bikini to the mom suit. One pieces are not for the faint at heart, though. They are hot, itchy, and super hard to get on and off. Surely I’m burning calories in all the fuss and will be back in a bikini next summer? You know, just in time to have a second kid. Why do I even try?

7. I am what one could call a golf widow. That has worked for a few years since I work weddings on weekends anyway. But because we don’t see each other on weekends, we fiercely protect our evenings together and completely disconnect from work.

8. Breakfast tacos. All day. Every day.

9. I’ve brainwashed my husband. He watched the Bachelor with me instead of the college football championship this year.

10. I can slam a pound of crawfish faster than you can say roadrunner.

I'd love to hear more about you! Leave a comment with something fun about yourself.