::The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Playlist::

Your wedding day begins the moment you wake-up. You have your closest friends and family surrounding you with love and support, and to show a small token of your appreciation, create a killer playlist. While you’re applying primer and sipping mimosas, having a feel-good vibe will keep everyone light-hearted and fresh. Just like any night out, a memorable day comes from sincere, memorable moments. Some of these treasured keepsakes come from the laughter and overflowing love being shared between friends and family; harness this energy and create a memorable and exciting start to “the big day.” 

This is the beginning to the rest of your life, take these last few hours to sing into the hairbrush with your girlfriends, jump up and down on the bed, and shout from the rooftop how much you love each other. There are songs everyone can enjoy, I hope you love this list as much as I do!