::Taking Some Time to Relax::

Being stressed isn't just annoying, it can actually harm your body! Stress hurts your immune system and can make it take longer to heal. Unfortunately, you may find it hard to find time to relax - especially as your wedding day approaches! But there is good news! Relaxing doesn't have to mean a glass of wine and a movie marathon. Here are some ways to relax that take less than five minutes!

  • Dark chocolate! Just a square (1.4 oz) of the stuff can help you relax. Dark chocolate regulates levels of the stress hormone cortisol and even stabilizes metabolism.
  • Take five minutes to meditate. The word "meditate" may make you think of some odd practices, but it is as simple as just giving your brain a break. Studies show that just two five-minute brain breaks can relieve stress. Find a quiet place, focus on your breathing and let your worried thoughts float away (don't worry, you can worry about them again in five minutes!)
  • Get organized. It may not sound like fun, but clutter causes stress. Take five minutes to organize your desk and it will help you feel better!
  • Stop and smell the flowers. No, but really! Certain odors can change our mood, and it is hard to feel stressed when smelling your favorite flowers! Keep a fresh jar of flowers on your desk or in your home and take a sniff when you feel stressed.  

Having us on your team will definitely lower your stress when planning your wedding, but we all inevitably find things to worry about. Make sure to take time to take care of yourself through it all!