::Being Decisive::

We get it: you may have hired us because you are not decisive. But while you may not care what shade of blue to go with for your invitations, there are some decisions you will likely regret not making yourself. All the decisions you have to make during wedding planning can be overwhelming, but here are some tips:

  • Give yourself a time limit. While it is good to sleep on a big decision, give yourself a deadline. And stick to it. 
  • Think out loud. Whether you think better talking or writing things down, create an outlet to help you outline your thoughts. 
  • Trust yourself. Sometimes it is just best to go with your gut. We are a good resource for a second opinion, but remember, this is your wedding. Be brave! 

Believe it or not, making quick decisions takes practice and it will get easier! Your family and coordinator are here as a support, but in the end, this is your big day. 

via apracticalwedding.com

via apracticalwedding.com