::Creating A Lifelong Marriage::

As a planner, we hope that all our couples will have a lifelong marriage. From our perspective, one way we predict a lifelong marriage is the emphasis our couples make on the ceremony. No matter if it is religious or not, the couples we pin as lifelong partners are those that take time for their ceremony and incorporate meaning. Often times, we see a lot of focus on the party itself but we like to encourage everyone to put as much energy into understanding and planning your marriage covenant as well. Here are some examples of ways to bring meaning to your ceremony and marriage: 

  • Write your own vows or find some of significant lifelong meaning
  • Have a close friend officiate 
  • Incorporate both of your religious or cultural beliefs 
  • Incorporate family, friends, and even pets into the ceremony - consider special readings, solos, etc
  • Have a special song played or performed 

Whatever you decide, remember the reason why everyone has gathered to celebrate! 

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