::2014 Wedding Trends::

A new year is here, bringing along with it a new wedding season. Judging from the news, blogs and Pinterest, the 2014 wedding is returning to classic romance. With a touch of "The Great Gatsby" and heartfelt chivalry, 2014 is the year of classic romance. 

First, pink! It's here to stay again in 2014. And pink is not just for the bridesmaids anymore!


Next: elegance, elegance, elegance. Whether it is flowers, food, invitations or service, the key is soft elegance. Also, look for smaller, freehand illustrated invitations like this one:

Designed by: Colette Creative

Designed by: Colette Creative

Other trends include a return back to brilliant tiered wedding cakes and music to fit the theme. Also, reception favors are being replaced by little presents for guests at their hotel. Think milk and cookies or local jam for the morning. 

But remember, while trends are fun, this day is still about you two! Stay true to who you are and enjoy the process. 




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