::To Hire or Not to Hire::

It seems to be a common question among brides of all ages, "To hire or not to hire a wedding coordinator?" Unfortunately, I think most brides would say, "No, I don't need a coordinator, I can do this!" 

Of course you can! You're super bride and you've been dreaming about your wedding since you were 3 years old. But let me let you in on a little secret: weddings are a lot of work.  

I don't know about you, but an hour at the gym seems like too much work. So, why put yourself under so much stress when planning your wedding? 

Enter the wedding coordinator. 

Wedding coordinator's exist to help the bride and groom save time, stress AND money. Not only that, but we know all kinds of tips and tricks that you won't find on Pinterest that can help you, the family and the vendors feel at ease and once again, stress free.

There are a number of reasons you should hire a coordinator prior to booking your venue, but today I really want to share 5 reasons.

1.)    Prices, Deals, and Specials

What’s unique about the wedding industry is that we actually love to promote each other’s businesses. We attend events just like brides and learn about everyone’s prices and what they offer. Because we’re so involved in the industry, coordinators can help you find the best deals and specials that a particular venue or venues are having saving you up to 10-15 percent on a venue cost.

2.)    Amenities

Require a bridal suite? Need indoor bathrooms? How about a venue that already has a caterer or florist? We got you covered. Because we spend a lot of time at various venues, coordinators know which venue has the most bang for your buck—so to speak. Coordinators can help you stay within your budget to get Venue A that has the fabulous amenities from Venue B.

3.)    Availability

Again, because we pride ourselves in having personal relationships with vendors and venues we can help you be at the wedding venue of choice on the date of your choice. It may be the most popular venue in town but coordinators can help you work with venues to make sure your venue is available on the day you want!

4.)    Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

Contracts can be scary and daunting, but coordinators make it their job to know venue contracts inside and out—even if they haven’t worked at the venue before. We can coach you through which clauses are necessary in a contract and which contracts are big time no-no’s, saving you a headache and possibly a waste of time and money.

5.)    Rent-A-Friend

Essentially, wedding coordinators are basically like a rent-a-friend service. We desire to be your go to gal during one of the best times of your life. Coordinators are either crazy for being in the wedding business (which could be true….) or we really LOVE our job of helping brides and families have the most perfect day they could have ever dreamed of. Coordinators invest themselves in your wedding just as much as you do and they want nothing more than to save you money, stress, and arguments with crazy aunt Susie or cousin Jane.

Here at Heavenly Day, we encourage brides to think about exactly what coordinating services they want and need and insist on providing the bride with custom and tailored service just for her! We really do LOVE LOVE LOVE what we do and want the bride and groom experiencing joy and happiness even after the honeymoon!

Have we convinced you yet? Head over to our Services page to see what we can do for you, or shoot us an email with any questions you may have! 




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