::Wedding Gifts::

No one works harder than the wedding party on both the day of and the months leading up to the wedding.  From the engagement party all the way through the big send off, the bridal party and groomsmen, along with the family in the wedding take time out of their busy lives to make sure that the bride and groom have the time of their lives on their special day.

This is why gifts are important and of course the customary thank you gifts have been distributed at the wedding, but try going a step further! Bring each person something special from the destination of your honeymoon, just to show him or her how much you appreciated their help.  Personal thank you notes go a long way too in expressing your gratitude for everything they did and an extra thank you once everything is said and done means so much.  A cute idea would be to frame a picture of the bride with each bridesmaid and the groom with his groomsmen so that they have something to remember the day by.

Another key thank you could also go to the vendors at your wedding.  After seeing the photos, spread some love for your photographer by sharing his/her page. Write reviews for the vendors you loved, as they are greatly appreciated by the vendor. Word of mouth is so key for wedding professionals that sharing your special memory with a certain vendor can help them gain new business in the future. Start with www.theknot.com to write a review for your favorites!


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