::Venue Changes::

Weddings can sometimes be notorious for being disastrous. The caterer shows up late, the DJ plays songs only your Great Grandma knows, or maybe your second cousin has one too many of your signature cocktail. Some minor things are expected and easy to handle (especially when you have a good coordinator!) but there are some times when the unexpected happens.

Your wedding is your big day to show off your personality and style to friends and family, which is exactly why everything from your decorations to your venue should be exactly the way you’ve envisioned them to be. However, in some (rare but present) cases venues will make changes to their décor, paint color, etc.

This may seem like a disaster but if you take the right steps, you can prevent any major hiccups and guarantee a successful big- day!

How do you prevent venue changes?

First things first: Know the contract! Review the contract to see their policy on venue changes. If it’s unclear be sure to ask questions. If there isn’t anything in the contract then add something to it if it makes you feel safer. For example, “no changes made to venue without knowledge to bride prior to her wedding day.” It is YOUR day and you want to make sure you show up to the venue that you’ve seen, envisioned, and planned for!

Second: Check with the venue to make sure that within 30 days of your wedding you want to know if changes have been made. If they don’t contact you, call them first. Checking and double checking to ensure that the space is perfect is OKAY!

What happens if you show up and it’s wrong?

In the case that you show up to neon pink drapes or blue and white Christmas lights, the best thing to do is to remain calm but firm. If you freak out (like you may be doing on the inside) do your best to keep your composure. Yelling may feel good but it won’t get you anywhere, especially with an embarrassed venue manager. The best thing to do is to insist that it is how you agreed upon. Use your signed contract, any emails you sent, phone calls you made etc. and insist that is reverted to the way it was. Do not except the first 2 (or even 3) no’s!

The truth is that you spent a lot of money on your beautiful venue and it should be exactly how you want/agreed upon.

To sum it up: Know your contract and add something to it if you need to, check in with the venue a month before your wedding, and insist that the venue is the way you’ve decided if you show up and it’s wrong.

Remember to relax and have fun! Even if things aren’t exactly, exactly how you want you still get to marry the love your life!