::Details, Details, Details::

Details, details, details. (The more you say the word the funnier it sounds!) Attention to detail seems like a no brainer when planning a wedding.  But 8 times out of 10 times it’s a phrase whose meaning is often overlooked.

Coming from the side of a wedding planner/organizer/guru, our main job is pay attention to the details of a wedding. The details are what hold the whole show together. Which forks go where, who’s walking down the aisle next, does this centerpiece go here or there…and the list goes on.

So, that brings the question of why? Why is it so important to pay attention to the details? And how can I help?

Well, I’m glad you asked because I’m going to give you 3 tips/reasons why paying attention to details matter.

1.)    Details Make a Production Happen

When I think details, I think Broadway musical. Have you ever seen one? It’s one of the most beautiful and well-oiled machines in existence. But what makes a Broadway musical so incredible? The attention to detail! Every prop, every singer and dancer, every light all have to be in the correct place to give the audience that magical feeling that they’re taking part in the experience on stage. A wedding should be given just as much consideration. Think about where you want that centerpiece and consider all the venue regulations. Really examine the contracts of your vendors and know exactly how you want things! Make your wedding the dazzling Broadway production it is!

2.)    Details Make the Day Run Smooth

In addition to helping your day be the most fabulous, details help everyone and everything work together smoothly. When you and your vendors have reviewed exactly how everything is supposed to go, when the big day comes every event of your wedding should be like clockwork—especially if you have a coordinator! Your coordinator has to do exactly what it sounds like—coordinate. When you and your coordinator have gone over every detail she/he can be sure that your day happens just according to schedule, and gives your coordinator room to troubleshoot problems if something WILD were to happen (which it won’t since you’ve gone over the deets!)

3.)    Details Show You Care

Last but not least, details show your wedding guests, your vendors and your coordinator that you care! So many hours of thought and planning go into making your day special and when your wedding is planned to the smallest details people around you will notice! What’s cool about coordinators is that they act as your second brain and when you work with them the two of you will be able to organize every aspect of the wedding—which mean you don’t have to do it alone! Paying attention to details can really save you time, money and energy, when they’re planned out prior to your big day!

Does this give you permission to be a big bridezilla and breathe fire on anyone who messes up on a small detail of your wedding? No--not necessarily, but what you should do is sit down with your coordinator, or your caterer or your florist and review EVERY SINGLE DETAIL prior to the big day so that on your wedding day you have no reason to fear!

So, sit back, relax and plan out those deets!



Amber AndersonComment