::Why We LOVE Brunch Weddings::

Where do I start?!

Okay, who doesn't love brunch? No matter if you live in the north or the south, it is a mainstream in our culture and is fully embraced by all. It can easily be the most relaxing part of one's week and is therefore dearly loved. So why do we not transfer this calm, relaxing, concept to weddings more often?

You got me?!

I love brunch weddings because the food options at a brunch wedding are so creative and unique that you will surely leave your guests pleased. There is also room for creativity unlike evening weddings. I mean, how about this pancake cake?


This time of day does wonders for you, as the bride. You are able to wake up, get ready, and be married! No fuss or long day of anxiety. And once it is all said and done, you and your new husband can enjoy the rest of the day as one long date- go home or to a hotel and you know, get to know each other a little more, or meander around parts of town you've never explored. The truth is that after night weddings, you are so tired and exhausted that falling asleep on your wedding night is a real possibility.

Yup, guilty. We laugh about it now but my husband did not think it was funny in the moment. :)

Another factor that goes into the delight of a brunch wedding is cost! Everything is less- rental costs, food, and sometimes even vendor costs can be reduced. Think about it, pigs in a blanket compared to steak and potatoes. Makes a real difference! Even the bar tab is less!

Some brides argue that guests won't have a good time - won't dance and linger. Wrong! They love it. They DO dance and they enjoy the fun start to their day.

In summation- brunch weddings are peaceful, relaxing, romantic, less exhausting, and they cost less! Give it a shot.