::Holiday Wedding Challenges::

I certainly enjoy the holiday season and embrace it with open arms, though it is fast approaching this year. As a wedding planner, it is obvious to me that the holidays are a perfect season of love. Lots of couples fall in love, start dating, and many get engaged during this beautiful time. Then there are  the brave couples who try to get hitched on an actual holiday, like Christmas or New Year’s. Unfortunately, these couples face a challenge and I’m here to share what comes along with planning a wedding for a holi-DAY.

happy holidays.jpg

Scheduling Conflict for Guests

To marry on or near a holi-DAY, you are asking a lot out of your guests, travel wise. Think about everyone you’re inviting to your wedding. The likelihood that most of your guests don’t have any holiday traditions is pretty slim. Most people, big family or not, have their own ways of “ringing in the new year” and it may be difficult for several guests to make other arrangements. Not to mention, if you have out of town guests the airplane ticket cost (or the insane holiday traffic) will be enough to make them think twice about coming.

Vendor Scheduling Conflicts - Higher Cost

Just like your guests, vendors have plans for the holidays as well. As a result, their cost of holiday work is much higher. The biggest challenge is simply coordinating a bunch of vendors that are on vacation. So for example, if you choose to get married between Christmas and New Year's, you need to know that your vendors will be out of pocket the week of your wedding.

Now, it’s not to say that it will be impossible to have a Christmas or Thanksgiving wedding, but it will throw some curveballs in the planning process: smaller turnout, higher cost, and coordinating challenges. The point of your wedding is to feel special and cherished and to feel like your wildest wedding dreams come true. With that in mind, we urge you to keep that in mind when considering a holi-DAY wedding.


Caitlin and Amber