How do you know your person? Who in Austin is the wedding planner for you? It all feels so cookie cutter. Truth be told, there are a hundred really great wedding planners in Austin. And a lot of us are buds. We refer inquiries to each other and there can be community over competition because we aren’t all vying for the same bride and groom. But you may be a Heavenly Day couple if these sentiments describe you... 

  • Happy Hour. With queso. <Daily if no one would judge.>
  • I live in Anthro, Madewell… shoot, Gap and Old Navy, too!
  • Must love dogs. 
  • If I have to wear one more floral robe as a bridesmaid… <But yes, I’m totally making my girls wear floral robes.>
  • I’d rather Indiana Jones my way through a snake pit than DIY my way through a wedding.
  • I’m totally leaving the next wedding that makes me wait until 8pm to eat.
  • Vendor shopping? Just tell me who to hire and I’m so good. Can we get married now?
  • I’m fiercely proud of my dude. And he totally adores me.
  • I’d give you the shirt off my back. No but really, here you go. Take it. My needs are met, my heart is full and I want you to have it.


  • Obtain a fearless leader to navigate the chaos.
  • Trust fearless leader to narrow my field of options so I can cross it off the list and move on.
  • Have a freakin blast- parties, dress shopping… did someone say cake tasting?
  • Perk of the process? Make vendor friends along the way.


  • Guest comfort. Dinner at a normal hour please.
  • Family and wedding party are guests, not worker bees. Though, they are kind souls and will do anything and everything if asked. But I’m not asking.
  • Full tummy, happy heart, tired feet!
  • 80s rock anthems and memory makin’.
  • Fancy free. 
  • The cake may fall and my dress may rip but I’ll have my guy and it will be the #bestdayever.
Amber Austin's favorite wedding planner

AMBER ANDERSON- your fearless leader

  • Life is not complete without: tacos.
  • My husband is: my hero man in an invisible cape.
  • When I grow up: I want to write books about things that everyone thinks but no one says.
  • I need to: eat pizza in Italy before I die. 
  • My favorite thing about getting older: I don’t care what people think about me. Dinner alone in public, sure! Mom bod, you bet. Last season’s handbag…
  • My biggest accomplishment: making two humans… no, wait… keeping said humans alive. Yes, keeping them alive is like whoa.

On a serious note, I’m here because I’m just like you, a normal, everyday girl that just wanted a lovely wedding but had other things on my mind. I would write checks and picture starving children in Africa judging me… or think about the house we would one day want to buy…. and saving for kids was totally on the list. There is champagne taste on a beer budget, but that wasn’t me. I was realistic and you are too. You know you can’t have it all, or maybe you can, but you aren’t going to be a princess about it. I’m also here because I have a background in corporate events and got a little arrogant to think I could handle my own wedding. After all, I’m organized, I planned events for a living and I knew what I wanted. Doing it myself with minimal "day of" help was an emotional roller coaster with a lot of wedding day stress. I've seen the result of "day of" first hand and I'm here because I want you to have the day you deserve. 

Headshots by Mike Reed Weddings

Headshots by Mike Reed Weddings

HAILEY NICHOLS-  Austin's favorite planner

  • My best advice: Trust in your planner to execute your wedding the way you want it. 
  • He doesn't know it yet, but my future husband is: going to have his hands full!
  • What is one thing you have always wanted to do?: go deep sea diving in a submarine, for sure.
  • If I could trade lives with anyone for a day I would trade lives with: Beyoncé. Who wouldn't?
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: organized, personable, dedicated

Born and raised in Austin, Hailey knows the sights and sounds. She
embraces the culture and infuses it into her work. Having joined the
Heavenly Day team in 2014, she has proven to be loyal, kind and quite
the problem solver. She does not rest until all efforts have been
exhausted to ensure the #bestdayever for each of our clients. Whether
she is running point or helping behind the scenes, Hailey takes a
vested interest in our brides and grooms by always going the extra
mile. She believes that everyone should get the best of her energy,
grit and spirit so it's not surprising that after every single event
that Hailey works, we get at least one or two vendors emailing praises
about her professionalism and strengths as a planner.