::10 Ways to Manage Wedding Day Anxiety::

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow introvert.

The struggle is real. I know.

I’m actually an introvert with extrovert qualities. And it is exhausting. People expect one thing but I’m perfectly happy living as a hermit under a blanket on my couch watching Hallmark movies and eating nothing but Lucky Charms forever until the end of time.

When I was engaged, I was super terrified of being the center of attention on our wedding day. I really wanted to elope and have an intimate gathering but there is nothing intimate about the size of our families and our dads are so networked that it just wasn’t possible. So 300 people is what we invited and a shot a tequila is what got me down the aisle.

Guys, I’m not a shot taker. Those are reserved for a rare occasion and my wedding was not on the shortlist. But it happened and it was just what I needed to take the edge off before those double doors opened.

But I know I’m not alone in my trepidation to have all eyes on me as the bride walking down the aisle. The last thing I wanted to be worrying about is if my hair was just right or if I had something in my teeth. I just wanted to set eyes on my groom and walk in without heart palpitations. My main goal was to not fall. But don’t worry, I saved that for our first dance. Just call me grace. Knowing I’m not alone in my wedding day anxiety, I want to share my favorite tips for staying calm and handling all of the attention.

10 Ways to Manage Wedding Day Anxiety

1.       Yoga in the morning! There are plenty of instructors that will come to your venue and lead you and your wedding party in a calm routine to get the day started peacefully.

2.       Do bridal portraits ahead of time as a trial run so you can tweak anything that doesn’t feel right.

3.       Host a welcome party. In addition to the rehearsal dinner, end the evening by inviting out of town guests for a night cap. It allows you to go ahead and say hi to some people, relieving some of the wedding nerves and pressure.

4.       Pray with your wedding party prior to walking down the aisle. Set aside five minutes to just be in the moment with them. Or with your parents.

5.       Drink a glass of champagne. A little classier than my shot of tequila. But I didn’t like bubbles at the time. All the more to judge, I know. OR, wear Hayley Page and drink a beer. This is my girl. 

6.       Eat throughout the day and stay hydrated. Jitters can cause you to forget but it’s a nasty cycle because a lack of calories only makes it worse.

7.       Do a first look. Not only does this allow you more time with your groom, it can have a major calming effect.

Photo by Andrew Chan

Photo by Andrew Chan

8.       Listen to music that takes you to your happy place.

9.       Hire a wedding planner to be your buffer.

10.   Buy a dress that is YOU. Don’t worry about “wow”ing your groom. Being yourself means you will be comfortable and when you are comfortable, you radiate and THAT is what will “wow” your groom.

Even in being that one that secretly wanted to elope, I can tell you I’m so glad I didn’t. There will never be another time in my life that so many of my favorite people are in one room. Except maybe my funeral and I don’t know about you but I don’t really plan on “being there” for that event. There is beauty in elopement and I would never discourage it. Weddings are not for the faint at heart but I do want to encourage you that if this “behind the scenes” gal can do it, you can too.

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Managing wedding day anxiety by Austin Wedding Planner, Heavenly Day Events. 

Managing wedding day anxiety by Austin Wedding Planner, Heavenly Day Events. 

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Just because we can’t change how we are wired doesn’t mean we can’t have healthy relationships. Being aware of our weaknesses can actually be our biggest strength.

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::Wedding Exit Ideas::

Weddings are what? Tens of thousands of dollars and they are up and done in 4-6 hours. A year of planning for 5 hours, guys. Mind blowing. We’ve got these massive parties, we spend a shiny penny or two on them and then we close ‘em off with… womp womp, sparklers.

Half of you just said ‘oh thank God, she said it’ and the other half of you (like me, even though I said it) LOVE sparklers. I mean, I do say a prayer for my hair every time I coordinate a sparkler exit and now that the years have passed and I feel safe confessing, I may have once pushed an aunt that was pressing a lit sparkler against the bride just as she was about to walk out. It kind of surprised me to discover that a sparkler exit had turned into a full contact sport, and I’ll never forget her face or the instant regret I felt BUT, the bride did not catch on fire. So there’s that.

All in, they are beautiful in my opinion but mercy are they a bear to manage. Alcohol, fire, lots of girls doused in hairspray and perfume… it’s just a bag of fun.

With that said, vendors have inside jokes about them and really do wish for new and fresh ideas. But before we start, there are two others I’d like to talk about. Rice and Chinese Lanterns. Really, most venues won’t allow either but for the ones that do and the couples that consider them, I urge you to reconsider. Rice kills birds, which maybe a lot of people don’t know? And Chinese Lanterns are a good way to burn down the hill country. Oh, I guess there is a third: balloon releases. The litter and harm to animals makes me sad.


Two of my favorite exits of this last year were pom-poms and streamers. The pom poms were unique and everyone got excited about them!

Photo Credit: Two Pair Photo

Photo Credit: Two Pair Photo

The streamers were just plain hilarious. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about how long these strands were so the couple got tangled as they progressed through the line. Adam made the best of it and gave us his best inner-Chris Farley while Toni used him as a shield to make her way behind him. It was awesome and I can still hear the laughing. Total memory!

BUT I would go with the right length if doing it again. I will say, we were particular about finding ones that were easy on the clean-up. The streamers stayed attached to the poppers so nothing flew away.

streamer wedding exit

Photos by Justin Douglas Photo 



I’d really like to see a Second Line as an exit for a wedding. If you’re at all familiar with NOLA style weddings, you’ve likely seen one. Having walked Bourbon Street as part of one for a friend's wedding, I can't tell you how fun they are for guests! For everyone. Basically, the bride and groom lead a parade. They are directly followed by a small jazz band with their guests following suit. In the streets of New Orleans, we walked about a mile while all of the rooftop bars and people on the street danced alongside us and cheered on the couple. I think Austin is set up well for this, especially for couples getting married downtown!

Styled Shoot Photo by Heather Johnston Photography

Styled Shoot Photo by Heather Johnston Photography


If you’re really into the sparkler look but not totally into sparklers, I recommend connecting with companies like Big Dog Pyro about flare paths and even dance floor statements that can close the night out in style. In a lot of ways, I feel like a controlled “show” is much safer than waving, wands of fire, in the hands of the inebriated.

Whatever you choose, think about clean up. Anything that guests are tossing or don’t know what to do with once used (eh hem, sparklers) is a higher risk for clean-up fines. In all fairness, it’s pretty rare that guests are belligerent about sparkler trash because we always have galvanized buckets for them to use for discarding but it never fails that 2 or 3 weddings every year, there is a guest list that just drops them and walks away. Trying to pick them all up in the dark is impossible. Flower petals are usually fine and easy to sweep if the terrain isn’t rocky so just check for that. I know confetti has gotten shut down pretty fast by most venues. The clean-up is wild. And unfortunately, certain types can stain if they get wet and I promise you don’t want that taken out of your security deposit.

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:: Managing Conflict::

In an ideal world, what would you choose for your relationship… conflict resolution or conflict management?

I feel like America throws “resolution” into the ring and binges on popcorn and coke while watching it get beat like a dead horse. We push and push for something that just doesn’t or can’t always happen. In all reality, I actually think we avoid conflict. But when we are knee deep, we do long for resolution.

In our home, I may never get used to John’s sudden sense of urgency over something extremely random and I can assure you that he is a bit over rescuing me from lost keys. But these things are not going to change so why fight about them over and over, seeking complete extinction of behaviors we don’t like in the other? We’ve recognized that while some things can be resolved, others are simply best to just manage.

I think we tend to get our panties in a wad on this resolution thing. Granted, random senses of urgency and lost keys are small fruit compared to the big guns but the point is that we get so worked up over conflict that we can’t just walk through it. One party demands it never happen again and the other just shuts down. So inevitably, it does happen again and the separation of thought grows with deeper darkness each time.

There are some important things to consider here. Just so we are clear, I’m not encouraging anyone to walk through an unsafe storm. Being mistreated is grounds for deeper conversation. I’m talking “every day”, “don’t even know what we are yelling about”, “you didn’t fold the laundry and now it’s wrinkled” kind of distractions that drag us down. With that in mind, what do we do with the mess of it? There are a few options but we will focus on these:

1.       Decide if it’s a battle worth picking. If not, then call a spade a spade, remind each other you’re ultimately on the same team and take a “time-out” to cool off. If yes, go to step two.

2.       Here, in step two, you get to talk about it after cooling off.

When discussing, focus on the emotion, not the action. The action is likely less of an issue than the feeling it sparks. For me, I can feel disrespected by things based on a root issue. An action can trigger an issue and I'll go into a confusing frenzy because really, what he did wasn't all that big of a deal.

If it’s true that opposites attract, we will always find things to disagree about and that is okay. With our differences comes opportunity for growth and learning about things beyond our own perspective. Find the good in your differences and lean into conflict. Don’t be scared to disagree. We are so much healthier when we just simply agree to disagree. Sure, there are things that really need a team consensus. But if at the end of the day, the topic doesn’t impact the bigger picture, let it go.

Sometimes, the best way to salvage a bad day is to manage the moment rather than pushing to solve the world's problems. 

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